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Unlike many of our competitors we try to make our delivery system as easy as possible.

Have fresh water at your home for less than $1 a day.

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Spring Water

Superior Mountain Water offers the freshest spring water in Georgia. Bottled directly at the source in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Available in standard five gallon bottles and more manageable three gallon bottles.

$8.95 per five gallon or three gallon bottles


Cooler Rental

Superior Mountain Water offers a hot and cold water dispenser with a monthly rental rate. If you already have a water cooler that is fine, we can still bring you bottled water.

Our coolers offer crisp cool water to quench your thirst or instant hot water to prepare your coffee or oatmeal.

$13.00 Monthly Rental

Small Pack Bottled Water

Superior Mountain Water offers our incredibly fresh water in 16.9, 12, 8 ounce bottles for your time on the go.

Our 19.9 ounce bottles come 24 bottles to a case.

$9.50 per case

We also offer Purified Water for sale but only by pallets. There are 84 cases to a pallet (call for price)

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